Pond Cleaning

The pond seen here was built by us over 27 years ago.

Before pond cleaning

One seasons worth of bio buildup.
We completely remove all debris that can be removed with the pressure of a garden hose leaving behind the beneficial bio layers whenever possible. All plants are pruned and containers hosed off.

The pond seen here was built by us over 16 years ago.

2PC before (2)
2PC after

After the pond is been cleaned plants are placed back in appropriate positions, marginals are raised and placed at the margins and water lilies are positioned more toward the center allowing 365° of clearance to spread their pads. We schedule plant repotting’s separately giving that procedure our full attention.

We are sorry but, we do not offer pond cleaning or any other maintenance services to ponds built with gravel.

Please call someone else unless you want us to rebuild it In a certified artisan style. We consider this construction style DIY.

The following are some of the reasons but not all as to why we will not work on this style of pond construction.
  1. liability issues
  2. When catching fish they panic, Scrape themselves on the rocks, and lose scales.
  3. As you step in and out of the pond, the walls are collapsing under your feet.
  4. As you work in the pond your body weight Grinds the rocks against the liner.
  5. Unsafe for our people to work.
  6. You can never get them clean enough. See the picture directly below and what awaits hiding under the gravel sludge, anaerobic bacteria, parasites and other Undesirables.
rock in the bottom2
Baumann PC
Millersville PC
FIND the LEAK algae (2)


How is my pond going to be cleaned?

While pumping down the water we remove plant containers and other obstacles that fish may bump into or get stuck under then, carefully remove the fish taking care to support their body weight and place them in a covered holding tank with life-support.

If the water is clean enough will reuse as much as we can but the majority of it will be discharged within 50 feet of the pond unless, otherwise arranged. Where do you put the mucky debris that comes out of the pond

We spread the debris in an out-of-the-way location within 50 feet of the pond?

Yes your plants will love it and It’s the best organic fertilizer you can find.

We can make arrangements for full debris removal.

Our minimum pond cleaning starts at $450 and up.

  •  How far and difficult it is to get our pond cleaning equipment from the vehicle to the pool
  • Where the electrical connections are to operate our equipment.
  • Where the water sources is and how much pressure it has.
  • How far we have to carry the debris to your chosen dump site.
  • How many plants are in the pond.
  • How many fish, their  type and size. Larger fish require more careful handling and extensive life-support systems while in the temporary holding tanks.
  • What type of equipment, pumps and filters operating the system.
  • How large the pond is and, its interior architecture and, what material it’s made of.
  • Basically how much prep and time it requires to complete a safe and thorough job. Safe for fish, people and the other pond inhabitants.

Aquatic plant care

For maximum flowering results aquatic plants need weekly pruning,  monthly fertilization and 4 to 6 hours of FULL, sun light during their growing season.

Plant care Tech1