Concrete shall with smooth topography maintenance friendly

Solid foundations: This is a concrete shell. Note the vertical walls and the sloping topography in the pond. this pond is designed for promoting a healthy sustainable biological balance. You are not going to get a gravel bottom pond this clean ever. spraying the concrete for a concrete shell is the only task we sub out. We bend the rebar, we run the electrical, we run all the plumbing. 

Solid foundations: This is a rubber lined pond, 5 feet deep with 3 bottom drains and inlet ports from the filter. the inlet ports push debris toward the bottom drain, the bottom drain takes the materials out and puts it in the basket and the filter removes the harmful nitrites by the biological process within. Note the topography of the bottom as it gently slopes toward the bottom drain this, is designed for sustainable maintenance. This is what you want to pay your pond contractor to do for you not fill it halfway up with gravel. Why would you pay a contractor to dig a hole/home for your fish and plants and then  fill it back in with 3 to 5 cubic yards of gravel again? when you can have a nice smooth fish friendly, biologic friendly, plant stand friendly and, maintenance friendly pond built by somebody with skills to do this kind of work?

rubber lined pond with smooth topography for maintenance

When the new website is finished there will be more examples of these technical details. The new website is coming but we are having issues getting the technical backside, (nonvisual and technical) done.